Type of Dr.Kim’s Robot
Dr. Kim's Robot

PIS(personal integration system)


PIS(personal integration system : 환자 통합관리 시스템)

  Evaluation of medical status

All rehabilitation robots are loaded with evaluation mode, which is available to evaluate medical status of initial inpatients and measure progress of treatment, so it enables to prescribe the most appropriate treatment mode on the basis of accurate evaluation of patient and to change the treatment according to the change of patient’s status.


Based on the result of evaluation, patient can use recommended treatment programs or treatment by professional prescription is also available.

  Customized treatment
When patient enters to care unit, each rehabilitation robot recognizing the patient set the prescribed treatment mode in advance and wait, through which we assure consistent and continuous treatment.

Each rehabilitation robot offers the result of treatment or the degree of improvement of patient’s medical status on a monthly and yearly basis for not only the doctor but also the patient and guardians, so it can induce them into active participation for the treatment making them recognize the degree of improvement.

Integrated Personal Management System enables Tele-rehabilitation through server, so the prescription is available even if there is no doctor.